Carl Orner


Credit Repair/

Network Marketing

Many thanks to GK for being a great coach, landlord, and longtime friend. His positive outlook on life and intense focus is contagious. His guidance has helped propel my home-based business and my credit repair business. Since I have been following his steps, my success has increased immensely. I have also plugged into his network of motivated individuals who help grow my business through referrals. Spending time with so many successful people has improved my life.

Michael McKay


 I met GK at one of his weekly network marketing seminars. We became friends, and I inquired about his real estate portfolio. I owned 1 investment property when we met. After experiencing firsthand how diligent and focused GK was, I was motivated to follow his proven system. He helped recharge my hunger for success, which had faded. Thanks to collaborating with him on my goals, I had a paradigm shift. I now own 7 properties, and I'm going for 20. I have had success in the traditional business model but, now, have multiple streams of income for my retirement. 

Steve Guzman


Pharmaceticul Industry

I want to thank GK for all his help and leadership. I am grateful I was introduced to you. The opportunity you introduced to me is one of the best things I've ever seen. Being part of it has transformed my life in a few short months and in ways I never could have expected. Since partnering with you, I am more excited about my future than ever before.  I just want you to know I appreciate everything you have done for me and continue to do. I know, with you mentoring me, I can only win!

Paul  Andriotis

Restaurant Hospitality

Thank you, GK for giving me the opportunity to become all I can be. Meeting you has helped recharge my dreams and my life. Your dedication to success is unbelievable.  As impressive is your attitude, style, spirit, heart, positivity, hard work, and leadership. Your dedication to helping others succeed is beyond compare, and I appreciate you, brother. I am so excited about my future and all the knowledge I am gaining.

Daren Vazquez



The most powerful trait George has is his discipline.  When he sets a goal, he does not lose focus or take shortcuts to achieve it.  He tediously and tirelessly takes action until he achieves it!  He does what he says he will do. That's an admirable trait, uncommon these days.  Being a part of his inner circle, you really can’t help but be motivated.  Whether you want to or not, his routines set an example. They will have you questioning yourself daily whether you are giving 100% or watching from the sidelines.  Whether in a dark alley or a board room, I’d choose GK as a partner any day of the week.  No fear, no excuses, and no reason you can't learn and succeed with GK's help. 

Brian Raphael


Peak Performance Mentor

During my 20 plus year career as a developer of human capital, I am proud to have George “GK” as a close friend and business partner in the space of cultivating human potential. Among GK’s many leading qualities are his laser-beam focus and discipline, capacity to take a concept from strategy to execution successfully, and ability to inspire others to achieve and excel. While realizing many successes in his life, GK remains humble and approachable. He is always available to anyone wishing to maximize their potential and live a life of genuine health, wealth, and happiness.