Are you ready to “takeover” your life and rise to the top?


The Takeover is a book designed with the nuts and bolts that can teach anyone how to program their thoughts and actions, helping them perform at their highest level. As we all can see in today’s world, there is a new “success” book published every time we search. whatWhat makes this book any different? Well, in this book, the biggest difference is that George “GK” Koufalis and Brad A. Modrich pragmatically break down the essential ingredients that are utilized by the people with the most success. Their in-depth dissection and application of their top 20 winning factors will help you create new growth skills. This will ultimately lead you down the road to a more productive and fulfilling life. Whether you’re new to self-development and are looking to become successful or you’re already seasoned and leading a fulfilled life, this book can help recharge and activate your mind to unlock its greatest potential. When you’re done reading it, you'll be ready to take over the next step in your life!

What you will discover in this book:


  • 20 key success skills that are broken down into a simple format to understand and easily put into action
  • Practical approaches that can help anyone raiseimprove their confidentconfidence and self-awareness
  • Learning to program your mind towards solutions and not problems
  • Understanding the importance of taking full responsibility for your actions
  • Winning the game by winning your emotions
  • How your thoughts create your reality
  • And much more…


  • Gk is an influencer and sought-after mentor with a proven track record of winning. In the last 7 years, he’s launched multiple companies. His endeavors include direct sales, real estate investing, credit repair, fitness apparel, and keynote speaking. In 2017, he published THE DREAM IS FREE BUT THE HUSTLE IS SOLD SEPARATELY inspiring thousands by the transparent and raw look at his life. GK wants nothing more than to see other people win in life, and he has poured his heart and soul into THE TAKEOVER.


  • Brad A. Modrich, is a father, husband, and public speaker who is making new waves in the world of entrepreneurship. He created his fame in the Pennsylvania market as a fitness guru and sales and& marketing expert, serving as the vice president for 17 years with the national health club chain LA Fitness. for 17 years.  His client dedication and customer service skills were impeccable and honorable. He is also a United States Marine and a highly successful certified personal trainer and life coach for over 20 years. He’s decided to make a commitment into making a difference in the world and is changing people’s lives on multiple platforms through his transparent and honest approach. Brad is excited to continue educating more people with simple and effective ways to live a productive and healthy life. 


The Takeover - The Ultimate Mind Booster ( Paper Back)