This book is both a testament to the triumph of the spirit and roadmap for success. What does it take to achieve a real breakthrough in your life, be happy, and win the “battle of your mind?” What are the mysterious forces that conspire to cripple us emotionally, psychologically, and socially? Even more importantly, how do we permanently overcome them and confidently, boldly, and joyfully reclaim our lives? You are about to find out.


This is the story of George “GK” Koufalis, a boy who lost his innocence early on and grew up with the constant companionship of painful hardships and suffering, yet never gave up on his quest for something better. Despite all the odds stacked against him early on, he learned to fight for his happiness and succeed against the mental demons that plagued him. GK used the bricks of failure, struggle, and pain to build a solid foundation for the successful, fulfilling and inspired life he enjoys today.


Today, that boy educates, instructs and inspires others on how they can improve their lives by following a simple success system he developed to overcome the adversities in his own life. Success leaves clues, and this book is filled with them. GK's 21-Day Blueprint will empower you for a more positive and powerful you. This unique system will reprogram your philosophy to drive new actions and deliver desired results. This autobiography is complemented by workshop based exercises to aid in your personal journey and discovery. Ultimately, it will not only show you that optimism and love can conquer all, but it will also prove it!


When applied, GK’s super-simple, practical and positive action steps will help you improve your course in life from where you are to where you want to be. And what is positive besides the rose-tinted glasses many of us would assume, it is the accurate response to any situation. As we all know, it’s not what happens to us that is the major factor for our results; it’s how we respond to what happens. If you ever needed a simple road map to your better life, here it is.


About the author

GK is a highly sought after mentor and successful entrepreneur who launched multiple 7-figure companies in several industries including direct sales, network marketing, real estate, and apparel. He is acclaimed as one of the fastest rising top income earners in his industry and among the “Top 11” earners in his more than $8 billion company. GK finds happiness in adding value to people’s lives and donates much of his time helping to mentor others succeed in business and life. He is very excited about the countless opportunities the future holds and the future of all who aspire to create value and make a meaningful difference in the world.

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