8/29- 9am-12pm Part 1

8/29- 3pm-6pm Part 1

8/30- 9am-12pm Part 2

8/30- 3pm-6pm Part 2


You can get on any of these 4 time slots or all of them if need be. The Zoom code will be emailed to you 48 hours before the class. If you do not have it 24 hours before the class, please reach out. You will also have acess to a 30 day free software trial following the seminar. You will also have acesss to 1 online weekly session zoom with Dylan and Eric for follow up questions and help. There will be 4 weeks of online sessions, day and time to be determined. You will have acess to a private Facebook page run by Dylan and Eric that is for the growth of your business. Possible employment opportunities for those who want to join the team. This class will be fire!

Advanced business online training seminar 8/29-8/30