Who is GK?

If you're reading this, you're searching for more. You didn't find me by chance. Our paths met for a reason. Otherwise, you would have stopped looking before you got here. If your life does not seem ‘ideal’, I can relate. Please understand; I know all about tough times in life. I have countless personal stories of challenge. The road to success is paved with hardships. Everyone has them, but how long you let them keep you down is the key. My life has been a roller coaster ride of a drama-filled, action, suspense movie. If you think about it, everyone's life is like a movie. The question to ask is, will your movie be worth watching, one day? Will you look back and have regrets? Will you forge your own way and become self-made? In a world where we only get one chance at this thing called life, it's our duty to make the most of it.
So, who am I? Well, I’ll tell you who I'm not. I'm not someone satisfied with being comfortable or mediocre. I'm not someone who likes to worry about not having money. I'm not someone who likes to live in an average home, drive an average car, or go on average trips. So, who am I? I am just like you, actually. I just decided, one day, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I got courageous and took a leap of faith and started falling forward in life, instead of backward. I started to write goals, have a vision board, read books, think positively, and wake up every day grateful. Someone always has it worse than you and me. It was only five years ago; I was driving a 1997 pickup truck and living at my mom's house. On that fateful day, June 15, 2011, I woke up reborn. I told myself, "This is the day I change my life forever." There was no going back. I didn't quit this time, not again, and never again! I am not, nor will I be a quitter in life. I realized I needed to change my input to change my output. I realized I was the average of the people, I spent the majority of my time with. As I studied successful people, I noticed success leaves tracks. It was time to follow the tracks of others who had made it to the top. Today, I'm giving you the chance to follow my tracks.

I've had a job. I've owned a traditional business twice. I've earned a college degree. But, none led me to the amazing life I desperately wanted. It started by expanding my mind outside the figurative box, my box! Why? Because, as you’ll find out, everything good in life happens outside your comfort zone. I also realized I had limiting beliefs, assumptions, and skepticism. And being broke and skeptical is a bad combination. Listening to people, who I wouldn't wish to trade places with, also had to stop. Life gives us a chance every day to make our life the way we want it. It's the little daily changes that, ultimately, create a big change one day. Life also puts many obstacles in our way, and some people can’t get past what life throws at them. When life punches me in the face, I spit out my tooth and say, "What else you got?" You can learn to handle life this way, too! Due to the major paradigm shift in my thinking, my life is full of abundance. Today, I own 17 rental properties, I am a 6-figure earner in the network marketing industry, I own a successful fitness apparel business, and I have many other investments. I have been the featured public speaker at many nationwide events and continue to motivate, inspire, and coach thousands of people. With the help of an excellent team, I have built a 7-figure net worth, with just a few hundred dollars to my name in 2011. Money isn't the key to happiness; it's time freedom. Money just gives you that.

I had a dream, a strong why, and I took massive action. It was difficult, and often, I wanted to quit. The hardest challenge in a human’s life is conquering one’s self. I always remember this when my subconscious tries to halt my efforts by reminding me why I can't succeed. The natural state of a garden is weeds. The natural state of our minds is negativity. If you keep your mind right, your life will excel. If you’re focusing on your problems, your goals are too small. We must become solution-oriented. Anytime we have problems in life, we must focus on where we want to be in life, not where we are. The reality is only perception, and perception is as temporary as our thoughts. So, what can I do for you? Well, for starters, I can show you a simple, proven system that can give you leverage and create the extra money to get you to the next level. My business model is designed specifically for busy people, because I'm beyond busy, myself. I know what it's like to be chased by time every day. The best part is anyone can learn to do this.

I've coached people who dropped out of school, and today, they are very successful. I've also coached people with Masters Degrees and successful careers and took them to another level. I’ve helped these people increase their income to create velocity, start other business ventures, gain confidence, and become powerful leaders, while pushing through the dreaded word “no” and rejection. How much money can you make? That's up to you and what you're willing to put into yourself. I have read over 60 books in the last 5 years by reading at least 10 pages a day. The more I read, the more I do and the more I have. My goal is to help you increase your income. You can use the additional income to invest in real estate or start a new business. My team consists of a CPA, attorney, credit specialist, real estate mogul, and dozens of experienced leaders in other specialties. You will be more confident, more self-aware, and develop greater leadership qualities. The best part is, once someone joins our team, my help is free. Life is about helping others. As Zig Ziglar says, “When you help enough other people get what they want, you can have everything you want.” So, are you ready to look at what I can offer you? If you are, just fill out the form on the bottom of the page, and I will be in touch. If not, it’s ok, but know that you must show up to go up! This website is a tool designed to help other people find a proven blueprint for more in life. I also authored the book, “The Dream is Free but The Hustle is Sold Separately”, an autobiography that can relate to many who face hardships. It also has a call to action 21-day program developed to support a positive, result-producing mindset shift.
Thank you for visiting my website, and I hope to hear from you soon.


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